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Junior/Senior Infants – Múinteoir Lorna

Welcome to Junior & Senior Infants!

In the Junior and Senior Infants class we have been working hard as a team in all aspects of our learning.

We have been particularly focusing on the foundations of literacy and numeracy this year and love to incorporate these skills every chance we get.


Our daily Aistear sessions lets us explore new language, themes and experiences through play and in doing so let’s us work on our creativity, responsibility and inclusion.

We love to dance and sing whenever we get the chance and have no problem showing you our skills. 

Keep a close eye here and on twitter for updates on all of our learning ventures!

Terrific team tower building!

What do you think of our towers?

In Junior and Senior infants we have been doing a lot of activities to learn through STEM. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, which lets all the boys and girls have a hands-on approach in their learning.

This week we have been looking at the best ways to build a strong AND tall tower. First we looked at images from all around the world, and many of the boys and girls noticed that towers like The Eiffel Tower, have a wide base and are thin at the top.

So after much research, we then took to planning

First we inspected the materials we would be using, then drew what we would like it to look like, and then the tricky part.. negotiations.

We have been talking a lot in our class about how to negotiate, so we knew this part of our tower building might take time, but it is probably the most important part. Each team had to discuss and figure out what part of each plan might work best in their team tower. 

Then teacher set a timer for 15 minutes on the board, gave each team their materials; 15 cups, some blu-tac, 4 rubber bands, 5 paper straws, and 30cm of masking tape; and away we went! (don't worry, we're going to recycle all the materials for more STEM activities in the future!)

When we had finished we shared the parts that we found difficult and the parts we found easy and talked about what made our towers strong. 

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