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5th & 6th Class – Múinteor Róisín

Welcome to 5th & 6th class!

Here in 5th & 6th class we will be working extremely hard this year. Our particular focus will be mastering number in maths and developing knowledge of the world around us through SESE, the Arts, GMGY, and SPHE. Keep an eye on the school Twitter page to see what we're up to!

Weekly Post

This week we played go fish in Irish. we wrote about how to make pancakes. On Wednesday we celebrated Ashbourne 2020.


Growth Mindset Videos

Since we came back from Winter break we have been learning about and practicing Growth Mindsets. We worked in groups to plan, film and edit videos that explain what a Growth Mindset is and how to have one! We hope you enjoy!



Creative Writing

5th & 6th class have been working on their creative writing skills all through January. I chose to publish this story because I thought the author worked really hard on the plot! Enjoy! 

My Story 

Author: Marian

I wonder if you've ever felt so scared you would want to make the Earth open up and swallow you, and close, leaving absolutely no trace that you ever existed. I, Mackenzie Russell, have. And to tell you the truth, it's not the best feeling in the world. In fact, it very well might be the worst. How do I know this? Let's just say that when Mum told me that I was going to a camp called Barretstown in Kildare for a whole four weeks so that she and her new husband, Brandon can have the perfect honeymoon in Madrid in Spain, I wanted the Earth to open up and swallow me. 

I've never been to camp before. Correction: I've never wanted to go to camp before, and never will, thank you very much. Especially when it wasn't a sports camp. I love sports, and if they had to send me off to camp, couldn't they send me to a slightly sportier one? Nope. I hate going anywhere without my parents, even though I hate Brandon and Mum's not around much. I've never been to a playdate unaccompanied, let alone a sleepover or any of the school residential trips. So when Mum told me I had to go to Barretstown with new people for four whole weeks, alone? I was a little mad. Ok, furious. But who wouldn't be? Even though there were weeks of protesting and begging and pleading, I was still carted off so my parents could have a perfect honeymoon of their own. 

When I first arrived and Mum and Brandon kissed me goodbye (I dodged Brandon's kiss), I was scared. No one I knew was there. I was guided by a weird camp leader to my cottage. It also had a weird name! Cottage Rose Petals! I love rose and pink things, in fact, it's my favourite colour! But having a cottage called Rose Petals? That just sounded terrible. My cottage mates clearly thought so too. We all started talking about the horrible name. Soon, I got to know them properly. Destiny, a Japanese girl who talked nonstop about dogs. Tara, a girl who loves slime. Candy, a girl who loved reading. And Jessica, a girl with the longest hair ever. They were all very nice, and didn't care that my favourite colour was pink, and that I was a little boring and only wanted to talk about sports. They only laughed when I told them that I was once voted the naughtiest girl in the class, and they admired my gold charm - my most treasured charm. They shy and scared version of Mackenzie gradually transformed into a not-so-scared and open one. (We made a club called OMG fan club!).

We did so many actually fun and not at all boring things at Barretstown camp. We went wake surfing (which I realised was the best sport ever!), swimming (I was put in the top team!), and bracelet making (I shared some of my own beads that I brought with my cottage mates, though some of them didn't want them as they were all pink). 

When we all said our goodbyes and went home, promising that we'd go back next year, we swapped numbers and email addresses so we could always keep in contact. On our way home, Mum squeezed my hand and asked me "Did you have fun, darling?". I grinned, "it was better than I expected it would be. Maybe, just maybe, I'll go back next year" 


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