Ashbourne Community National School


Meet the Teachers

Have a read about each of our teachers and look at the lovely portraits of them that have been done by students!



Múinteoir Joanne

Hi! I'm Múinteoir Joanne. I'm so happy to be a part of Ashbourne CNS in its very first year. This is a really exciting adventure for everybody involved and what a privilege to be teaching our very first intake of junior infants! I've been teaching for a loooooooong time but the fun, hustle and bustle in an infant classroom never ceases to put a smile on my face. I love teaching through play and encouraging creativity across the whole curriculum. I can't wait to see how our school community and our students learn, develop and flourish as the year progresses! 


Múinteoir Lorna

Is mise Múinteoir Lorna. I am very excited to be teaching the boys and girls in Junior and Senior Infants this year. I love being a part of Ashbourne Community National School, and have so many fun activities planned for the year ahead. I love art and music, and can't wait for all the boys and girls in my class to work together to make Ashbourne CNS an inclusive and innovative place to learn


Múinteoir Áine

Hi! I'm Múinteoir Áine. This year I'm teaching 1st & 2nd class which I'm really excited about. I love the ethos in a CNS and how all children get to come to school and enjoy each other's company. I love teaching music and P.E., I can even play a few instruments!

 Portrait in progress...

Múinteoir Seamus

Hi, I am Múinteoir Séamus. I am extremely happy to be teaching in Ashbourne CNS. I have taught in the Community National School model for the previous eight years. It is a model and an ethos that I firmly believe in. I will offer the children a welcoming and inclusive classroom. A classroom that is full of discovery and learning. My favourite subjects to teach are PE, Maths, Gaeilge and History.


Múinteoir Róisín

Hi! I'm Múínteoir Róisín. I'm teaching 5th & 6th class this year which is great fun. I love doing project work and learning lots about history along with my class. My favourite thing to do in school is to get all the kids using iPads or other technology to enhance their learning. We might even have a few software engineers by the end of the year! My goal for this school year is to do one exam in a musical instrument. 


Múinteoir Muireann

Dia duit! Múinteoir Muireann is ainm dom. I am a Support Teacher for all classes in Ashbourne CNS. My job is to help pupils in-class through station work, and in small groups in Room 6 with literacy and numeracy. I love getting to know all the children I teach and teaching them strategies to help them learn to the best of their ability.


Múinteoir Louise

Hi, I'm Múinteoir Louise and I am a learning support teacher in Ashbourne CNS. I'm delighted to be part of a wonderful school which promotes respect, equality, and inclusion. Working in learning support allows me the opportunity to teach children from a range of classes. I'm looking forward to a great year ahead filled with learning and fun!


Príomhoide Jenny

Is mise Príomhoide Jenny. My work started here in June 2019 and its an exciting time to be involved. I'm delighted to be working with so many great teachers and students (as well as their parents).

When I was a child I went to a school a bit like this one. There were boys and girls and people from lots of different backgrounds and religions learning together, it was great. I have taught for over 15 years in multi denomination & co-educational schools at primary & post primary level. I love teaching because I’m always learning something new about other people and myself.